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Regional Weather Map courtesy of radara44Regional Radar


The difference between
Watches and Warning
Risk of sever weather possible in your area. Remain alert for approaching storms.

Sever weather has been indicated by weather radar. If a warning is issued for your area and the sky, temperature, or winds become threatening, move to a pre- designated place of safety.

Red skies in the morning;
Sailors take warning!
Red skies at night;
Sailors delight!

Temperature 58.1 High: 58.6 at 05:32:23 AM
Low: 57.9 at 06:21:53 AM
-0.16 F /hr
Humidity 35.0% High: 35.0% at 06:29:13
Low: 33.0% at 05:45:43
2.76% /hr
Pressure 29.65 in. High: 29.65 inHg at 06:29:13
Low: 29.65 inHg at 06:29:13
0.00 / inHG
Wind 0.0 mpg @ SE Last hour: 0.00 mph
Max day: 06:29:13 0.0 mph
Rain Total: 0.00 24 hrs 0.00 in.
Last hour: 0.00 in.