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Kbaam Yard Games
117 James St.
Ortonville, Mi. 48462
Phone: 1-810-845-6589

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Because our games are made primarily of wood, it is important to know that care should be taken when either playing the game or games, or stowing away the game or games during non usage.
Please do not keep the games out in the rain or snow. Games are protected using either a Polycrylic™ (click here to read Polycrylic Data Sheet), or Varathane Spar Urethane Exterior (click here to read Var. Spar. Urethane data sheet), but this does not mean they will be able to withstand large amounts of liquids. Use of either of these topcoats are to protect the wood and finish from normal use.  You will most likely need to reapply a topcoat to your games about every 2 (two) years, to keep them fresh looking.  This also depends on how much you use your games.  Remember - Games that are left out in the elements or are subjected to water or other liquids are sure to become water damaged, if this happens there is nothing anyone can do.
Here is a copy of our Release of Liability and Hold Harmless agreement. We will need this signed by the owner, and dated, along with an email address so that we can send an electronic copy. If you wish to download a blank copy of this RLHHA, please click here.

Kbaam Yard Games Release of liability and hold harmless agreement
Spare Time, and its affiliates: Kbaam,, and Kbaam Yard Games (from this point aka: We, Us, the Owner(s)) agrees to sell the following yard game(s) to: _________________________________________________________ (the recipient) and recipient is willing to receive the yard games(s) in accordance with the terms of this Agreement as follows.
1. Recipient accepts sole ownership of the Yard games(s) in its “AS IS” condition. Recipient assumes all liability for the yard games(s) as of the Effective Date, including, but not limited to liability for any and all damages arising out of or resulting from the ownership, maintenance and use of the yard games(s). We disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.
2. Recipient agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Owner(s), officers, employees and agents , from any liability, damages, loss, claims, demands, actions, expenses and costs arising out of the purchase OR use of the yard games to the recipient, or recipients use or otherwise resulting from recipient’s possession of the yard games, including recipients removal/transportation of yard games from the FOB of 117 James St. Ortonville, Michigan 48462, or any other location after the fact. Recipient specifically agrees that We are not liable for any direct or consequential damages arising from the malfunction of or error in or from conditions of the yard games at time of acceptance.
3. Recipient acknowledges that they have had the opportunity to examine the yard games identified below and as consideration for Us to sell the yard games; Recipient agrees to accept all risk associated with the yard games and goods as is.
4. Recipient acknowledges and agrees that all yard games listed below can not be returned, and that the recipient is solely responsible for all goods on this receipt.
Yard Games (Goods):


Printed Name

Signed and Effective this, ______ day of ___________________, 20____

A copy of this form has been emailed to the recipient whose signature and printed name appears above and to which has supplied the following email address:
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We are scheduling a 2 week shutdown beginning March 14-27, 2018.
Build schedule will resume March 28, 2018.  Sorry for the inconvience.  See our Calendar for further info.