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Kbaam Yard Games
117 James St.
Ortonville, Mi. 48462
Phone: 1-810-845-6589

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KBAAM Yard Games Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Can I leave the games outside year round?

Our games are water-resistant.  Water-resistant is the ability to resist the penetration of water to some degree.  We have not tested our products, but are relying on information that is supplied by the companies whose products we use.  If acidic liquid is accidently spilled on the games, you should wipe them off.  Do not allow the item to self dry.  For cleaning, you should use a good furniture polish and lint-free towel.
Waterproof, which our games are not, are impervious to water.

Will you add team or other logos to your games?

At your request we will color the games to your liking.  Unfortantely we are not licensed to use professional logos, such as those used by professional and collegiate teams.  Doing so would result in trademark infringement, thus placing Kbaam Yard Games, its owners, and the purchaser at risk of legal actions by perspective trademark owners.

What is a build process?

The build process consist of the following:
1. Ordering and purchasing of materials*
2. Cutting/Sanding/Preparing the surfaces/painting/top coating
3. Assembly
4. Inspecting
5. Delivery
*Builds that are requested with in a 10 day span will incur a $20.00 "RUSH ORDER" fee

When does the build process begin?

Because our games are tailored to your colors (2 colors) we consider an order "in build process" as soon as the deposit (equal to 1/2 the total game cost minimum or total balance, minus delivery fees) is received.

Delivery fee? Can you store my game until I pick it up?

Our fee for delivery is $.35 (thirty-five cents) per mile (as of 8-01-2017).  Mileage begins at the address listed on the top of the page, and direct to your delivery location.  If paying via paypal, your verified address will be the delivery location unless other wise stipulated BEFORE delivery.  Changes in delivery will result in additional mileage charges.
Mileage is currently calculated via Google Maps.  There is a $10.00 minimum fee (this covers the first 28 miles)

Picking up your games:  If you advised us you are going to pickup the completed game or games we will let you know when they are completed, just as we do for customers that wish for games to be delivered. Completed games must be picked up between our business hours, either that day or the next business day.  After that we will need to impose a $10.00 per day fee, until the game is picked up.


Acceptable forms of payment:
1. PayPal
2. Credit Card (via Square*) - Visa / Master Card / Amex / Discover
3. Check / Money Order ** - Note: if paying by check or money order, the build process will be delayed by 10 business days, until cleared through bank.
4. Cash

*Square is the ability to process credit card transactions over the phone or in person. Credit card must be in the name of the person purchasing the game or games
Payments via Square will show up as either Kbaam or Spare Time on your credit card receipt / statement
**The original check amount along with an additional charge of $45.00 will be access to all returned checks / non payable Money Orders.

Where can I find instructions on your games?

Games such as Cornhole, 3 Hole Golf have directions printed out, and attached to the underneath of one of the game boards.  Other games are usually self explanatory, but we are more than happy to go over and give a refresher to you.

Can you build games for weddings / birthdays / celebrations?

Most definitely.  We, at your request, will also add the date, the special occasion, and the name or names who are the guest(s) of honor.

Do you rent your games out?

Due to multiple reasons we are unable to rent out the games we build.  Trust us when we say "If we could, we gladly wood"  (get it? instead of would, we put wOOd because thats what they're made of)  But in all seriousness we do not have adequate room to store games until they are rented. 

What is the refund policy?

Our refund policy is as follows: Any funds over the deposit (deposit is 1/2 of total sale, excluding options purchased - please see Options below) will be refunded. Deposits in and of themselves are non-refundable.

Any mileage paid in advance will be refunded, if delivery has not already started.

Options that are purchased are paid in full, such as bags, and lights. These purchases are non refundable as they are processed from a 3 party which does not allow for refunds

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We are scheduling a 2 week shutdown beginning March 14-27, 2018.
Build schedule will resume March 28, 2018.  Sorry for the inconvience.  See our Calendar for further info.